Friday, December 2, 2016

What to wear where: work Xmas party

Ah December, you're here - and so are all of my Christmas accessories too! I like to create holiday ensembles with pieces that I wear all year round, accessorized with brooches, hair flowers and bags that lend some festive flair.

An outfit like this is fantastic for a work Christmas party and yet, I wouldn't have to buy a thing new!
I love my Pin Up Girl Clothing Spanish fan print skirt, and wear it often with a red jumper in autumn, or a white tee in summer, but teamed with my red Collectif Dolores top it works for the holidays. Just add some cool heels, a Christmas brooch, Daisy Jean Floral hair flowers and a fun clutch! While this clutch isn't available this year, it came from ASOS who have some cute Christmas clutches again.

When getting dressed up for an outing, just make sure you're keeping it appropriate to the weather, venue, and crowd. If you're in a cold climate - hi European and North American readers - then look for something fun like a felt skirt and cute sweater or a knit dress with some sparkle jewels. The colder it is, I always think a little extra sparkle makes it more fun. Oh hell, let's be honest, I just love sparkles all the time...

The Xmas party check list:
  • festive colours like red, green or white
  • a clutch bag with definite holiday feel - think metallic, glitter, or a Christmas design
  • cute jewellery like a brooch or earrings in a festive design like a santa, tree or gingerbread man
  • party shoes that you can dance in
These What to Wear Where posts are a little taste of what goes on in my head; all of those 'costumes' I devise for what I'll wear in the countryside, on a cruise, to a NYE party, and every other possible place I might set foot. Hopefully they'll also inspire you! If you have a dressing challenge you'd like help with, drop me a line on my contact page. To see my other posts, visit the What to Wear Where tab.

Love WTP x


dublinerinDeutschland said...

Love this look!

benilhalk said...

How amazing you look in this outfit!! So in love with this look. Thanks for sharing inspiration. I actually needed some dress inspirations for an event that is going to be held at some local event space Chicago. Do you have any good ideas for me?

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