Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Start your shopping...

Tough love time: Christmas is less than seven weeks away *cue eye twitch*

Christmas shopping can get a little stressful, and it's tempting to go for generic present options to make life easy - department store gift card anyone? But I love finding the perfect gift, and supporting small business, especially those run by creative women, so if you start snaffling gifts now you can get some great pieces for holiday gift giving.

Here's my round up of some great gifts from small, creative or local businesses.


Whether it's snowing outside or sunny and hot, you can always channel a little wintry charm into your outfit with this fun Luxulite winter collection pairing! The Mittens necklace and earrings together are £27.  

Keep things playful with the Bettie Page Xmas Brooch! She's sensual, she's festive, and she's fun and you can also order her as a pendant. She's $46USD from Baccurelli.

Who doesn't love a statement Christmas necklace? The Christmas Stocking necklace is limited edition by La Vidriola, 59.00 €.


So, who doesn't want to receive a gorgeous 1910s synthetic ruby and diamond ring for Christmas? This navette ring from Jean Jean Vintage is sure to sparkle in the lights, $480USD.

Basically, this handmade vintage fascinator is perfect for you to wear to the supermarket, or the doctor, you know, anywhere super casual. It's $170AUS from VintageCaf.


Hair flowers are a fantastic extra for any vintage or pin up lover. Daisy Jean Floral signature rose doubles come in a fantastic range of colours to suit every outfit. Shown here is the red rose double, $18AUS.

This beautiful keepsake magazine has four gorgeous issues available, and best of all, they're all on sale! Grab Lila Jean Vintage magazines and settle in with a mulled wine for an evening of informative, revealing and reflective reading, $5-$15 per issue.

Are you nautical and nice this summer? The Anchor Love earrings from Revere Folie are perfect for teaming with your navy and red ensembles and they're just $15AUS.


Aside from being an awesome illustrator, Kirbee's brooches are to die for! If you're anything like me, you dreamed of getting a pony for Christmas, and here's your chance with Buttermilk the Horse Brooch, $35AUD.


Out of all the statement earrings in my collection, I can guarantee none get as many comments as my Mamoru earrings. People are constantly asking me where they are from! And who can blame them, these hand poured resin earrings feature gorgeous details like petals, flowers, leaves, bees, or glitter. Rosaleen has a gorgeous collection currently available but selling fast like these Limoncello Crystal earrings that can be made clip on too, starting from $70AUD.

You might be familiar already with the gorgeous portraits by Aussie artist Caitlin Shearer, but I am loving her clothing! Who doesn't want to prance about in this gorgeous Frottage Full Button-up skirt featuring an original Caitlin She design? It's $200AUD.


I don't have a land line, but if I still did I would be ALL OVER this gorgeous blue Classic Corded Telephone from Pollydot. Imagine the saucy things that could be said on that handset! It's a special order item and comes in several other colours for $124.99AUD.

Where other people see lone, sad patterned vintage plates, Kelly of The Story Book Rabbit must see delicious possibility. Her illustrations are added to vintage plates, and are perfect for hanging on the wall. This Baby Bunny and Chicky plate is $50AUD.

My ETSY shop is linked on the right side of this page, and I'm giving all my readers 10% off this month, so just enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout, valid until midnight November 30th, 2016. And yes, more goodies are shortly to come, so keep an eye out.

So tell me, what's on your Christmas list?

Love WTP x

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