Tuesday, December 12, 2017

O, Christmas Tree!

So, the tree is up! I am always amazed how this takes so many weeks, but I guess when you have a tree this big and decorate it like this it's inevitable. Last year's tree was beautiful, but I think this year's is definitely even better ("You deserve an award for this tree," to quote my brother).

This year the theme is beautiful champagne, blush, gold and touches of red, with a distinct forest vibe thanks to our excess of birds and animals. It feels a lot less structured in comparison to last year, with wild twigs and natural elements coming in and out of the tree, and icy details frosting the very edges (as opposed to a flocked tree which would be just a bit too snowy for our colour palette right now). It's hard to translate in a photo, but this tree has so many elements you only see with the naked eye once you get up close. I feel like my camera just flattens the effect out so much! The blush ribbon winds through the centre of the tree, while the gold and green ribbon gently undulates in and out.  Add some insane feather balls and this tree just feels so foresty! Mum and I definitely plan to keep expanding upon this theme, because even with so much on the tree we know we could have infinitely more - haha!

Of course the tree takes on a whole new feel when the sun goes down - check out my Instagram to see the tree at night and during the day and basically, just lots of spam!

Wishing you a peaceful, wonderful December,
 Love WTP x

1 comment:

Porcelina said...

Beautiful! A magnificent tree x

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