Friday, June 19, 2009

The bag lady

Before I launch off into my post, just letting you know I've made some changes recently. I've pulled down some of last years posts which no longer work or are relevant and reshuffled things a bit. The link bar on the side has some great etsy shops, blogs, sellers and magazine websites for you to check out. If you want. No pressure. :)

Now, onto the news. Well, firstly, this blog will be slanting a little away from the craft thing and more towards the vintage. I work around crafters all day long, and sometimes it's nice to have an escape. But don't worry, I'll still put up some crafty things and recipes. But I will let it be known, you'll see a lot of my handbag collection....

I like handbags. And more handbags. And some more again. A shelf inside my bookcase is stacked with evening handbags. I mean, piled. I have outfits for all of them to match, so I really don't see the harm in it...... Here's some of my latest acquisitions. (Some of the bags have longer chains then they appear, I just wrapped them up to photograph).

1. Burgandy brick shape glo-mesh. This is from Bowerbird Vintage. $45. (Joanna, the seller, is SO lovely! She's also in the process of putting up new stock. Her link is in the sidebar).

2. Blue Glo-mesh. Tresors. $45.

3. A little worn, but this funky bag is perfect for me. Compact, fits my bulging journalist diary (which should be taken very, very seriously with the glittery shoe on the front. Salvos $8.

4. My friend Lily volunteers at Vinnies and found this and no 5. for me. A nice little casual glo-mesh purse for just chucking stuff in, which I use on a weekend. Why not? $5.

5. This bag has WEIGHT. It’s damn heavy from that frame. It’s also really spacious for going out with EVERYTHING you need. Woot. $20.

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