Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from the 50s

Hi kiddlets, what a weekend I had. The Fifties Fair was great! As soon as we walked in my boyfriend turned to me and said, ‘You’re amongst your own kind!’ which was very true, and very funny at the time.

Dress: Julius Pollock Original
Hat: Art deco woman ebay

Black t-bars: Wittner

Pearls: From mum

Bag: Thrifted

Cardigan: SES
Brooch: can’t remember

I really enjoyed the day and I even went in the best dressed competition. I didn’t win, but that’s more than ok. I had plenty of admirers, and even people coming up to take photos of me. It was funny. Here were the two winners! The pink was the runner-up, while the green was the winner.

One of the girls from Coco Repose also came over to give me her card and admired my dress. I also picked up some great purchases. A beautiful Lucite clutch bag, some marcasites earrings and my boyfriend bought me another rabbit! I now have two large green Sylvac rabbits, and they make quite the couple, they’re sitting nose to nose on my bookcase like they’re kissing. I had my eye on this beautiful green dress; however it had some serious rust stains :(.

My hair-do for the day was taken from a video tutorial by the lovely Strawberry Koi, and I kept my makeup very simple.

Taking a tour of Rose Seidler house was great fun, even if I had to be bare foot. Which was completely justified, I was putrid from all the loose dirt in the gardens.
Now, for something sweet to mention, go to Matou En Peluche and try and name this beautiful artwork to win that and another one of her prints. Samantha Battersby, as I’ve mentioned before, is a lovely Sydney-based artist, who draws beautiful art-deco inspired works. I’m getting quite the collection.
And Virginia Who is having a buy one, get one free sale on her etsy. Speaking of Virginia Who, I wore my black pinafore on Saturday and my boyfriend’s mother saw me in it and remarked, ‘It’s just like what I wore when I was a nurse, except I had an apron over the top!’ So I guess I’ve found out where the good old pinafore came from – a nurse of yester year.

Saturday was pretty exciting – Mum and I were off at the travel agent starting the ball rolling on our trip to Hong Kong. It’s so exciting! We’re doing the Shenzhen Shopping trip – a 10 hour extravaganza of shopping, as well as going on a city night tour – dinner at Revolving 66 at the Hopewell Tower followed by the Temple Street markets and a junk ride. We’re also going to Victoria’s Peak and I’m hoping we can squeeze in a 7 hour tour to the Po Lin Monastery and the world’s largest Buddha.

Speaking of Hong Kong (I promise this is a logical step), if you like shoes, you’ll love www.imelda.com.au Shoe fest! (Which is of course, what HK is about likewise). Anyway, I leave you with me being a little cheeky! (Thanks to Cam for the photos).


Anonymous said...

oh that last photo is hilarity!

i haven't read this blog in ages, it's grown so much! i heart the shoes. oh, so, heart.

bowerbird said...

Hi Ellen,

What a lovely blog. Your exactly as I imagined - the perfect vintage pinup!

I wish I had had time to go to the 50's fair on the weekend...it's always a great day out.

Hope you don't mind if I blog your blog and steal a couple of your gorgeous images?


E. Driscoll said...

To LN: Hehe I heart shoes too. It was quite fun taking those photos. We stopped on the street next to where the car was parked to grab the photos and people came back to their car parked behide us during this time, but rather than leaving, they watched me posing. It was a bit silly and funny. Luckily the house behind was nice.

Bowerbird: Thanks for dropping in :) You're more than welcome to steal.

Sam said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I just popped and was admiring your gorgeous Rose Sidler post (must go one of these days!!) and I see my gal there!! Thank you so much!! :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

What gorgeous pictures! And I love your outfit.

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