Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cardigan Girl

Well kids, I’ve done a little internal cringe where you want to bite your own arm off in the hope that it makes the cringe a little better. That always fails though, the whole eating your own arm thing. You see, no one plans for their boyfriend’s boss to accidentally stumble upon your blog, but it’s happened. I’m sure you understand the weird cringe sensation, and now I extra regret the whole crying/where the wild things are/arcade fire love rant. *facepalm* Anyway, turns out he found me through Ivory Bangs Vintage Trunk Sale on Facebook with a link to my blog…. I have checked this out, and it seems so random that my 'independent review' should turn up so.

Aside from that, a big thanks to Joanna from Bowerbird Vintage for the mention on her blog. Returning the love kiddlets, visit her blog, and check out the new stock on BBV. Until August 31st, if you spend over $75, you get a make-up bag. Cute :)

I must be all nanna meets librarian inspired this week – I wore cardigans, silk scarves and brooches. Anyway, these photos are for the certain lovely person who gave me a little rant about not getting to see how my hair and clothes looked every day, so just for you dear.

So, there’s a week of clothes. But no, I didn't really wear the hat with the jeans. It was just to try it on. I bet that was thrilling and now you regret saying you want to see what I wear everyday.

I picked up my Breakfast at Tiffany’s print today (finally). It was quite a drama getting it home. I can’t wait to hang it. Uh, after I finish cleaning out my room. This ‘clear out’ project is bigger than Ben Hur. It’s driving me nuts having bags full of things in piles of, ‘give to school fete’, ‘sell’, ‘throw’, ‘take to vinnies’, ‘stuff I can’t throw but don’t know what to do with’. And the dust…

Anyway my new glo-mesh bag (pictured with my Lucite bag) and my fabulous goodies from Bowerbird Vintage arrived! I have wanted a pink glomesh bag for so long, so when I found this on Ebay for $15, I got it straight away.

I wore the blue 70s dress I bought from Bowerbird Vintage today, and I'm so happy with my rose pink dress. Photos to come of these clothing items, promise!

Okay, wonderful read for this post: Lady Melbourne. I am coveting her Senso boots, her great style and beautiful bangles. I wish my outfits came together that effortlessly, but I never look that polished without much effort and preparation. And dare I say it… I also covet Lady Melbourne’s clean house… It looks sparse and beautiful. Considering my room = disaster with no hope of survivors. I’ve really got cleaning on the brain. While my wardrobe is tidy from the cleanout… well, never mind. No point dwelling. It’s not like anyone calls me a domestic goddess (except when at work).

P.S Did everyone go and buy Frankie? Yes, there’s a marriage proposal in the magazine, and it’s pretty sweet, and I’m a little jealous and very impressed, and Brianna Fowler, whoever you are, SAY YES.

P.P.S. Is it just me who is new to the concept of ‘Twisted’ bars, or are these heaven in food forms new? They’re a Cadbury crème egg – in chocolate bar form. YUM.


Aya Smith said...

You look so lovely in all of these outfits!! The layering is perfect, and may I add that I love your hair :)

Thank you for entering my giveaway :)

Sam said...

Oh! I'm a huge cardie fan from way back - in fact I think I must have close to ten of them at least - so I love your cardigan ensembles here - very cute!! Must read Frankie again!

E. Driscoll said...

To Aya: Thank you! Though you mightn't love my hair if it was on your head - it can be so unmanageable at times!

To Sam:
Cardie's are great - I try to ignore the advice they make me look 'old'.

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