Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping makes me happy, Ikea makes me Swedish, prizes make me lucky

It’s been a week of those little purchases which really add up when you get the receipts out, but it's also meant some excellent purchases which I am thrilled with.

Thursday night I visited Barkins. I bought a funky thick brown belt for putting round a brown seventies dress that really needs nipping in around my waist. I also bought the same skirt twice – the basic pencil skirt. I love the details on the back though, there are little buttons and the kick out of the skirt that is very cute. So that was $80 all up.

I came home and suddenly felt dispirited – why on earth did I buy the same skirt in two different colours? So I stood in my room on Monday, the skirts on the bed, still confused as to how I would need two pencil skirts when we’re a little more casual at work and what was I meant to wear with them anyway. But then I realised I had some tops I haven’t worn at all because I didn’t have the right skirts.

I bought this one over a year ago from Myer. I couldn’t resist it – who doesn’t love acorn buttons and a sweetheart neckline? But I got it home and it matched nothing. It doesn’t go with denim; it doesn’t go with any of my existing wardrobe. At the time it was being sold there was an apple green skirt available and they would’ve gone perfectly, but I was silly and didn’t think about that.

But now all my problems are solved. What do you think?

Top: Princess Highway Skirt: Barkins Pencil Skirt Belt: From a vintage dress Shoes: Miss Mademoiselle. Hat: Art deco woman ebay

I’ve also been buying vintage hats. Here are my latest purchases. I know the seller is bemoaning selling all her lovely hats, so I’m trying to give them a good home (with me). What do you think of them? I will wear them all soon. I’m also going to buy some more.
I had believed I wouldn’t win the bright pink hat, but thankfully I did when someone cancelled their bid. Turned out they’d entered $4,299 instead of $42.99. Anyway, that made things great for me, as it meant I won. I think it will go lovely with my rose pink silk 50s dress from Bowerbird Vintage ;) Visit Bowerbird Vintage soon - she's got her summer stock coming through from her latest buying trip and she's got some wonderful things.
I also bought this beautiful 50s dress. Isn’t it gorgeous with the stripes of rose buds? It cost me $74, which isn’t much considering I’ve paid much more for vintage clothes.

Then on Saturday I took some of my hard earned savings along to the Peep Toe sale. Miss Santa Cruz came home with me. I have wanted these shoes for so long, but I wasn’t going to pay $220 for them. Now they’re mine! I also got Miss Tate, a pewter and grey suede pair of heels, a pair of sample heels that are blue with white bows in patent leather, and a cute pair of wedges for summer in bronze. All up they cost me $295, which was a huge saving given most of their shoes are $275-ish anyway!

I’m also in a jolly good mood. I did a little dance at work when I got the email telling me I have won a double-pass to the Fifties Fair that is going to be on at Rose Seidler House on Sunday! My boyfriend is going along as my charming dance partner, and I’ve been planning my outfit now with careful consideration.

If you’d like to go along, entry is $20 or $15 concession, and they’ll have live music, dancing displays and classes, tours of the house, and plenty of sellers. They also have a competition for best dressed. Rose Seidler house, 71 Clissold Road Wahroonga. 23 August, 10-5pm. See the Historic Houses website for more details. I think everyone should come along if you’re based in Sydney – I’ll be there all dolled up!

I also ended up winning a double pass to see Valentino: The Last Emperor before it is released. Times are good – I swear I am the luckiest person when it comes to competitions.

Oh, and aside from all the shopping, last night I got to go to the Ikea 2010 catalogue launch. It was great fun, and I've got flat pack desires. It was also great seeing the head of HR in a tartan onesie jumping on the beds.

Now, off to have a relaxing cuppa and look at What Is James Wearing. Check out this blog, it’s a huge giggle if you love fashion! What is James wearing indeed!

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jenifer said...

You have great fashion sense.!! I am totally impressed with your outfit. LOVE your beautiful 50s dress.

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