Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gross and Who meets Mollini in a sunshine filled street…

Well, I’m going to do another inspiration post because, well, there's two reasons - first: My boyfriend hasn't sent me pictures yet of my outfit on Friday night, and second: I haven’t looked so inspirational this week. While my make up has been perfect this week (Tip: use bronzer as an eyeshadow applied with your blush brush lightly when you’re in a hurry), my outfits have been Blah. I guess this is how I’ve been feeling. Today however I did wear one of my favorite dresses, it's very Pride and Prejudice in design, just stops above the knee and it's in a deep grey fabric with a teeny black floral pattern. I always wear it when I feel like the incredible blob.

I'm also feeling pretty down I missed out of getting the most awesome hat ever on Ebay. I could see myself getting married wearing it, but I guess some other girl could also, and I wasn't going to spend $135! Good luck to the girl who wears this hat!

Good thing George Gross and Harry Who decided to create such gorgeous dresses. And good thing Mollini creates such uber shoes for me to team together!

Romance is my dream….

I work here, you know.

I’m to be taken seriously

Power dressing… for girls at heart

All things refined.

The orient is waiting

Honorable mention to:
Katya - I think this shoe makes me swoon a little.......
You can find all of these designs at and Mollini. And yes, let it be known, I will be having a red suit just like that one made in HK. Only, in black, and in a less textured fabric and witha sash. So, really, nothing like it then…

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