Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have yourself a merry little Christmas


We have been helping with the cake
And licking out the pan,
And wrapping up our packages
As neatly as we can.
And we have hung our stockings up
Beside the open grate,
And now there’s nothing more to do

-Marchette Chute

I have spent the past few days having a lovely time. The Christmas mayhem has ultimately won out, and I am now in the process of fussing and feasting (and winning a lot at Monopoly).

It's been a busy week. Yesterday my mother and I had extra fun! We met some of Mum’s friends at the David Jones City Store and saw the carollers (it always makes me teary). I also picked up my ring that was on layby…. And then had High Tea at the Queen Victoria Building Tea Rooms. I have to say, there was a girl at the carols (or rather, a woman) that looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a fifties style black with white spot dress, with a tan belt, snakeskin heels, a beaded jade necklace, black, brown and jade coloured bangles, and had the cutest bob haircut. I was feeling rather envious of her outfit!

Here's what I wore, in case you were wondering! (Excuse my pale palour, flash is terribly unflattering in train tunnels...)

And now, just wanting to wish you a delightful Christmas, full of love, family, presents and ideal weather (though in Sydney, I doubt it). Enjoy the holiday season. I've already been terribly spoilt by my boyfriend, and I'm sure much more fun and goodies will come my way (and also to others, as I do like to spoil people...)

I’m off to cook some more, take a long walk tonight to see all the twinkling Christmas lights, and plan my outfit. It's a tie between a creme top with chiffon bows with a silver peplum skirt or a green wiggle dress with bows. And not to forget, Christmas carols on TV, saying hi to local children, and sampling some christmas food treats. Oh gosh, you have no idea how excited I am.

May there be much crinkled wrapping paper after you got exactly what you wanted! Merry Christmas, and see you soon kiddlets!



LN said...

yes! gold headband thingi made an appearance!

Sam said...

Look at you you glamorous creature!! I'd love to have seen that vision in a white polka dot dress. Although, you did such a good job of describing her!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day! I very much enjoy reading your blog Ellen and am looking forward to reading it next year too - which isn't so far away now, is it? :)

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