Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Of all the lovely wishes!

Hi kiddlets! Are you settled? Do you have a cuppa in front of you (in fine bone china, no less)? I am being shameless and having my tea in a mug, but in my defence, it's a mug with a pair of shoes on it. I think that means I'm excused.

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was delightful! We visited my aunt's family, and had a jolly day. We had pink champagne cocktails, and dinner with all the trimmings. See!

I ended up not wearing either of the outfits I planned to due to the weather. Instead, I wore this: (Please excuse the mess that is my room. A lovely insight indeed...)

I rather liked the outfit, as it allowed for me to eat like a fiend (I do it well on Christmas Day).

Top: Miss Shop
Skirt: Paper Scissors
Cardigan: Myer
Necklace: Swarovski
Bracelet: Vintage from Tresors

Hope you're having a beautiful break. The sun is finally shining, and I'll be back oh so soon with some other lovely images....and perhaps a pink chiffon 70s dress... ;) But for now, I might read some Sherlock Holmes and take another snooze. I was woken this morning by someone calling me about..... why..... shoes!

Love WTP x

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