Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wild Tea Party Way!

Well, I'm back again! Another birthday came around in my absence, and I'm not one to turn down a celebration!

Necklace: Tiffany and Co
(I'm pictured here with fellow blogger and one of my dearest friends, LN! A good friend is about the best accessory you can have *winkwink*)

This dress is gorgeous. I got it on sale, after having admired it for many a week. As soon as it went on sale I knew – ‘Mine!’. Of course, Christmas had made it, how shall I put it, a little firm around the middle but I got into it just fine. Taking it off on the other hand - well I'm sure I felt my ribs and organs moving back into the correct place!

I loved the decorations I had – pink baubles, pink balloons, butterflies and floral tea light candles! It was nice quiet affair, but I enjoyed it all the same. And for anyone there, they can tell you that I tried to impersonate a kudu.

I also had a family roast – just quietly. It was a lovely afternoon, though I'm sure we were all over roast lunches by that point...

Dress: Tree of Life
Cardigan: SES
Jewels: Gifted
Shoes: Wittner 'Luscious' in purple suede (not pictured)

See you after the New Year lovely ladies. Hopefully the Fire Works fly!

Love WTP x


Louise said...

Your birthday dress was gorgeous. Congratulations.

bowerbird said...

wow. you look gorgeous (as usual!). hope you had a wonderful christmas my lovely and many happy returns for your birthday!

Sam said...

Ellen - you are a vision in that dress! Totally stunning!!!!

Happy, happy New Year to you dear Ellen and very much looking forwrad to keeping up to date with your blog in 2010!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh I love it.

I've already been contemplating my birthday this year (it's not till may!) and this is totally inspiring :) so cute!

happy belated by the way!

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