Friday, January 1, 2010

What is it about morning light that makes everything alright?

Happy New Year my readers/friends!

The sun rose this morning to a new decade and I was exhausted! I didn't crawl into bed until 4am. Unfortunately the taxi my boyfriend and I booked didn't show up (well, rather it did, but 12 hours later. It appears they booked our cab for 1pm, not 1am). We ended up nabbing another cab and taking a convoluted route home involving a train, walking and then another taxi. Let's just say - thank goodness for the three layers of padding in Peeptoe Shoes!

Last night was great fun! My lovely friend LN hosted a NYE party at her home and it was a delightful night. We watched the fireworks from her backyard and I also spent the party catching up with someone I hadn't seen in two years and previously hadn't had much to do with. By the end of the evening however we had discovered our mutual love of Sci-fi shows, (the written version of) Sherlock Holmes and shoes! A few participants were into hugging strangers (yay?) and I talked to some of LN's lovely Church buddies :)

Here, some pictures of the fireworks last night over Sydney Harbour!

I decided upon my New Years resolutions on the train this afternoon in between reading Sherlock Holmes (for the second.... third.... time). I definately need to save towards a European holiday. I should of course wear more of my jewellery and vintage clothing on a daily base (I hum and ha about wearing hand wash items to work so much). And one I always mean to do - wear perfume everyday! I have so many lovely perfumes and they only get worn on special occasions.

On another note, I have discovered I am crazy about winter clothing. This is bizarre seeing as Sydney is in the heat of summer and I'm wearing cotton dresses and skirts nearly everyday. And yet I've got plaid and winter coats and fur collars on my mind. I believe this is due to reading Northen Hemisphere blogs, so I'll blame them! So I just bought myself a plaid A-line skirt for winter. How I long for cool weather! (Until it is cold, at which point I miss my cotton fifties dresses). I have also bought some winterish shoes from Stylebrazil. They have some AWESOME shoes at the present, and I couldn't resist these.
But now I've also got my eyes on these:
I must say, they've been oh so polite and pleasant to deal with - I would gladly buy from them again. Of course, I need to receive my first purchase before I go getting carried away buying more!

Aside from that, thank you to everyone for the kind wishes for my birthday! Always muchly appreciated :) Tomorrow I will have a new dress from the post office, and I might get my boyfriend to help me take some photos of my recent purchases. Finally, don't you love this sign in a shop window under Martin Place?

Happy New Year to you all!

Love WTP x

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Sam said...

Happy New Year Ellen!! It sounds like you had quite an adventure...and your photos are terrific - Darling Point - what a great place to see them from!

I like your New Year's resolutions - more perfume and vintage clothing - excellent! ...and I can't wait to see your new dress!

I have very much enjoyed discovering your blog this year Ellen and am looking forwad to keeping up with it in 2010!! XO

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