Sunday, January 3, 2010

The kids don't stand a chance.... when they can't find the duster!

Hi kiddlets,

Sadly, I bring poor tidings. I don't have any outfit pictures for you due to the inconsiderate weather and my lack of desire to show you how messy my room is at present. However, as a small consolation, I will tell you that I've been knee deep (ah, near literally) all day as I cleaned out my wardrobe. While I had sorted the majority of my winter clothes into storage tubs a few weeks back to free up some wardrobe space I still had some way to go towards being in wardrobe bliss. See? I'm sure we all agree it's not the haven of dressing there.... and that's just some of the wardrobe....

I now have five large piles sitting on the floor.

1. To handwash
2. To dry-clean
3. To repair
4. To have professionally altered
5. To sell

I have also discovered I have more than one (read: seven) LBDs aside from other black dresses of varying natures, and I found a pair of missing clip on earrings - clipped to the collar of one of my dresses....

After all of this, my wardrobe still isn't looking crash hot. The floor of it still needs a good vacuum and for me to sit and go through to discover which socks just don't match. But it's a start and I'll be sure to show you results.

I also pulled out all my jewellery and started organising that. I have an awful lot of jewels.... so my boyfriend bought me a black mannequin to house my earrings. Sadly, it doesn't fit them all without looking a big shamble, so I just arranged my used/favorites onto it and it looks quite nice (Sorry for the flare.... and the mess, it's hard to tell how it looks isn't it?)

I thought I'd share a pic or two of some of the cool things I received for Christmas/birthday with you. I figured it'll probably tickle someone's fancy.

Above is my Kikki-K pen hooked onto my 2010 diary (isn't that pen so cutely minature, and perfectly matched to my diary?) There's also heart shaped paper clips and zoo animal elastic bands from Kikki-K too. Thanks LN! Underneath all of that is:

I have wanted this book for AGES. And boy has it lived up to my expectations. I want to make happy baby yoga pants.... even though I don't know any (happy) babies...

I also got some very, very cool cookie cutters. The ones with the handles were from my boyfriend's sister. They are vintage cookie cutters and I think them awesome. The open cutters are in the shape of a teapot and tea cup and were one of my many Christmas presents from my boyfriend.

Yesterday was the laziest day on record, I have to say. I did however go to the post office to get my dress. It's a sad tale. When the man handed me my package he noticed it was open. "Hang on," he says to me, "Let me just weigh it to check everything is still in there". He popped it on the scale and then said to me, "It's about 50s grams lighter. You best check it out."

So I pulled aside the tissue paper, and pulled out my gorgeous dress, and looked sadly at the contents. The matching belt was missing! So, now I have to go through what will no doubt be an arduous process to claim back the money from Australia Post for the belt. However, the dress is gorgeous!! This is a picture of the dress (from here), and I'm sure we can all agree it's the smartest, hip swishing sailor dress my eyes ever did see!
So after all that drama I listened to the storm outside and watched Stargate Season 1 with my boyfriend. Have I mentioned I'm also a sci-fi geek, aside from being a tea and vintage lover? Ok, well, I'm a sci-fi geek.

be back soon and happy Sunday,

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh, gorgeous dress - and I am too a sci-fi geek - Battle Star and Firefly are a few of my favourites. I'm almost done sorting out my wardrobe for the big move, but its so big, I really must stop buying things before we leave! Happy new year :)

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