Friday, January 8, 2010

Things that will come in the post...

Hi Everyone! How are we all? I'm starting to feel a little better from the cold I developed, though I did spend last night laying on the lounge with a shocking headache like some fainting Victorian damsel, but let's not dwell on it shall we?

So, I figured, to follow up on all that winter clothing adoration I was doing, I'd share with you some of my uber etsy purchases (You know I can't resist myself, and etsy is the haven of all vintage things amazing).

This wool 50s houndstooth dress in blue and black is fantastic, don't you agree? While it doesn't look much on a coat hanger, I imagine in my head it will be far more fabulous on me! I have been looking for a fabulous vintage winter dress for awhile I could wear to work, and I think this nails it! From Adeline's Attic Vintage. As a side note, Jill who runs the store, is exceptional to deal with.

I also bought this lovely plaid skirt. I adore plaid skirts, and this is just the right one for an outfit I have in mind. I'm seeing creme flats and my grey ruffle shirt going perfectly with it. I’m also seeing a black sweater with black riding boots. Oh yes! From Dear Golden Vintage.

Also purchased from Dear Golden Vintage:

I fell in love with this 50s plaid dress in black, blue, yellow and white the instant I saw it. The blue fabric belt is a nice touch too! This will likewise be for work (and a bit of play, let's face it). And it really quite matches this lovely 'Sirens' cameo. This cameo is 2.5 inches long so it's a pretty chunky piece :)

And of course, this is what the cameo will be pinned to:

Hehe - I've got to admit, I'm pretty excited about this one. My boyfriend described it as being 'very Lord of the Rings' but I just love the frog closure on the neckline, and the hidden arm holes. I have a pretty chilly trip home in winter, and I think I will swoosh around pretty warmly in this ;) From The Vintage Mistress.

And for the current weather:

This is a late 30s/early 40s sun dress. I try not to buy dresses this old simply because I become much more anxious wearing them, but there was something about the external pockets and the shiny buttons and the lovely blue, black, red, yellow and grey stripes that drew me in. I really love the pocket detailing, with the stripes going in multiple directions. I will definitely wear this to work with bright red heels and a white cardigan ;) Also from Adeline’s Attic Vintage.

There's also one more purchase I made, but it's a secret. It will be my Valentine's Day dress, and as my boyfriend stops by for a little read now and then, I'm keeping it a big surprise :)

I just realised after compiling all those pictures that I'm incredibly drawn to blue lately. I don't normally like blue and green, and yet lately they're all I think about! I guess it's part of this winter obsession thing!

Anyway, I'll be back real soon kiddlets - I took a lovely day trip yesterday, and I've got pictures :)


P.S. I forgot to tell you about my lovely new original artwork that's on it's way from Sam at Matou En Peluche! Here he is:

Isn't he so sweet? I fell in love in an instant. Sam also has another little black rabbit drawing up for sale, as well as some lovely prints. Do check them out :)


Louise said...

Great print. And I'm impressed that you are already thinking about winter. Every year I like to pretend it is never going to happen.

Sam said...

Oh surprise! Thank you Ellen!! XX Adore your new purchases here - very difficult to pick a favourite actually. The cape is fabulous - I'd be trying to hurry up winter just to wear that snazzy number! Love that plaid 50s dress too - so Mad Men to my mind!! ...and that last summery dress is so cool - you've really got an antique there! Incredible to think it is so old but in such good condition! Gorgeous!

E. Driscoll said...

To Louise: I love winter - I think it's the fashion period I enjoy the most. I love wooly things and boots and sweaters, so that's probably why I am already thinking about it!

Sam: Never a problem - I'm always happy to tell everyone how lovely your prints are! The plaid 50s dress is so Madmen, as I'm sure the wool dress will be too when it's on. My dresses have been shipped off so they should arrive next week (fingers crossed).

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Gorgeous dresses! Do watch Battle star, its what got me hooked on sci fi, and yes, poor firefly, what were they thinking?

The ring isn't vintage, while I would have loved it to be. It is very pretty and delicate though and looks kinda vintage :) Which is good enough for me!

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