Saturday, January 9, 2010

Merry in Berry

Happy Weekend readers!

My holidays is fast coming to an end, but I'll be glad to be getting back into the swing of things. Rather than say, sleeping in until 9am and then reading, watching TV, eating and reading some more. Yeah, I definately need to get back down to business. I had a pretty exciting moment though yesterday when I saw the first issue of the first magazine I've ever been editor of on sale at the newsagency. Made me feel a little proud to see it in the flesh (or rather, in the plastic).

My boyfriend and I took a little day trip down to Berry on New South Wales's South Coast this week to enjoy some lovely scenery and this pretty little 'village' which is really more a major stop on the highway for weary parents and their equally weary children to take a break, go to the bakery, have a coffee, stop for some touristy sights and make their way on again. It's always bustling with passers-though - especially in the holiday season.

Even with all the people, it was a great day, and has some lovely old buildings and pretty parklands. We stopped to take a few photos in the park before we went into the Berry Musuem. I was fascinated with the vintage and antique clothing they had on display, including a beautiful 30s/40s silk wedding dress with matching beaded gloves! My boyfriend seemed to love the diary farming equipment. I swear I heard a quiet, 'Woah' at some point as he looked at the equipment. I was also intrigued by the baby scales.

We also stopped for lunch and explored a few of the stores. My favorite by far was the lolly shop! I got boxes of Junior Mints (an American lolly I believe that a co-worker introduced me to. Love!) and turkish delight and pineapple chunks. I love those choc-coated goodies :)

One of my favorite things about Berry is this funny signpost. It points to capital cities, key locations in Australia, places in Berry, even 'Whykickamoocow?' if you look closely.

Top: SES
Skirt: Miss Shop
Cardigan: Don't know
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: Vintage from Allen Company Inc
Beret: Not really sure, it's always been mine since childhood
Necklace: Inherited from grandma

Anyway, all in all it was a great day, and we escaped the heat of Sydney. When we got back we couldn't believe how hot it must've been. So I settled indoors with Harpers Bazaar and read to my heart's desire.

See you soon kiddlets,


LN said...

you went to berry! i love berry! the lolly shop IS great!

next time, stay overnight at a place called woodbyne - its just like 10 mins further down the highway, awesome awesome little guest house with beautiful gardens. you can see my berry photos :)

Sam said...

Such pretty photos of you and Berry Ellen!! ...and you're wearing a cardigan!! Oh I dream of weather where you have to wear a cardigan!! This heat!!! ...and we're not even in Feb yet!'ve put me in mind of going to Berry now - it's been such a long time since I've been.

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