Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just a few piccies to tantalise you...

Bring on Santa... you know, there's only five sleeps.... And there's nothing like a bit of Coca Cola advertising with Santa to cheer you up. Ah, the commercialisation of Christmas.

Yesterday I did a big run around getting supplies for my tea party (you'll see soon) and bought some supplies for cooking. I did manage to squeeze in some cleaning too, and watching Carols in the Domain on TV. And then there was my trip to Vinnies where I found two very special little treats. Can't share yet though. One is hanging on the line.....

I went for a lovely walk last night with my boyfriend to look at all the Christmas lights. I wore my very psycho dress that I never feel sure about. Everytime I try to chuck it out (come on, that print is crazy) I get unstuck by the swishy gorgeous, pain in the neck to iron pleats and can't let go. They're just so.... nice.

I went to my friend's place for a dinner party on Friday night and don't you love her little retro bambi tree decoration?
Now, off to bake, tidy, and re-assess my outfit for Christmas Day. Sadly the forecast is predicting 22 degrees. Damn you summer weather!

Love WTP x

1 comment:

Sam said...

Hahaha! That makes me laugh your dilema with that dress! I have clothes like that too - I kinda love them and not at the same time! From where I'm standing I think it looks very nice indeed!

I've been meaning to go on a Christmas lights suburban crawl.Must do it - time is running out!

Little bambi is very cute! Have a lovely week!

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