Saturday, March 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Preview

I felt like sharing some more pretty with you. Yet more things for the etsy store. It will be opening just before the Easter long weekend. Just to keep you in the loop.

I I got so excited to find the top two bags. Those are some awesome sixties beaded numbers. I had seen them in the window of Salvos when they weren't open, and I raced in next chance I got to snaffle them up before anyone else. There's not a bead missing!

The black and gold one has a central rhinestone. I am so tempted to keep it. But I don't need anymore evening bags. The white one is also beautiful, the beads sway and move like crazy.

The 60s black kisslock bag is also wonderful, and I am trying to keep my mittens off it. It's huge as far as day bags go, I could fit everything in it. It even has a little mirror in the internal pocket for touch ups. The 70s glomesh bag you've seen here before. I'm sending it off to a new home :)

Just some of the scarves I gathered. I think the blue one of the left is probably too modern, but it's wonderful on. The pink and maroon animal print is great. And the nautical scarf! That thing is huge and has tassels and saddles and ropes all over it. It's fun.

And I also found two things for myself when I dashed into Vinnies. I did get a gray wool knit dress, but this is one crazy plaid pinafore (I think Americans call them jumpers? That confuses me, as we call sweaters 'jumpers').

The lady on the counter when I was paying thought I was mad.
"How will you wear this dear?" She asked, looking at me strangely.
"With a black t-shirt and patent leather high heels," I replied, without hesitation.
She laughed.

I know it's a little crazy, but for $4 well, why not be crazy in orange and green tartan with red buttons?

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Love WTP x

P.S If you want to see the preview pics up closer click on them. I've uploaded large versions. :)


Sam said...

So sweet all of these Ellen! It soounds like you're having a ball too collecting all your goodies for the grand opening! So looking forward to seeing the shop!

Kelley Anne said...

The jumper/pinafore is adorable. I can totally imagine you wearing it with flats and a black shirt. Great shop items as well.

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