Friday, April 2, 2010

Jetsetting: Hong Kong

Sorry for the short interlude everyone. I know I disappeared mysteriously, but with good reason! I have been jetsetting about off to Hong Kong!

Mum and I set off last week and I got back on Tuesday night, though aside from bringing back my shopping, I also brought back a fabulous case of food poisoning. I've been in bed pretty much since we got back. It hit on our last day there, but thankfully I'd had time to squeeze in most of what we had wanted to do before we left.

We also took a day trip into China which was fascinating, if not a little off-putting. All the girls were fascinated with my hair. They kept trying to touch it and couldn't believe it was natural. I guess in China they don't see long light brown curly hair that often.

Anyway, just a few pictures without showing you my whole photo album. Below is the lovely Times Square Mall at Causeway Bay. Basically the greatest place to shop. It leaves our shopping malls looking a little tired. Isn't it just shiney and beautiful? I discovered the joys of Zara in there which unfortunately isn't available in Sydney and picked myself up a great white linen dress.

Here is the high tea at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. It was scrummy. I recommend you visit if you're ever in HK.

Look at the interior of the Mandarin Oriental! (I work in lifestyle magazines, interiors are my thing, and despite social convention, I will snap pics of interiors).

And this is the giant shopping mall at Shenzhen in China. It's huge and I've never seen so many people in my life. I also had a manicure there, with parafin polish and everything for $14 Australian. It felt like a total steal given how nice the girls were and how many poor people I saw. Mum and I felt absolutely devastated when we saw a mother feeding her infant from a bin.

Anyway, I have begun as of yesterday uploading things into my etsy shop (what else is there to do when you are sick in bed? I can't even enjoy dressing up in all my new finery!) so I will announce it asap.

Much love,



Sam said...

Goodness me!! I adore Hong Kong! It sounds like you had a ball there - so sorry about the food poisoning though ---> :0( Terrible!!! Glad you're better now though - I am currently visiting some rellies in Melbourne but as soon as I get back I'm going to check out your shop and would it be possible to do a post about your new shop on my blog too?

Have a lovely long weekend sweetie! XO

E. Driscoll said...

I hope you have fun in Melbourne Sam - I'd love to get down there. I'd love it if you would do a post about my new shop. That'd be great. :) x

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