Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things that will come in the post... (and a little motherly life advice)

50s Four Leaf Clover dress from The Vintage Mistress

60s Pom Pom Cardigan from Dear Golden Vintage

Pink summer wiggle dress from Lille and Gertie

It seems rather ironic that now the morning chill of autumn has set in, that I am buying summer dresses.

I apologise for the quiet this week too. It's been a rough time. I don't like being a downer on here, and even though personally things have been devastating, some positive things have happened too that remind me that everything will be ok in the end.

I am incredibly blessed to have a lovely group of friends. My mum has always said to me that no matter what is happening in life you must always make time for your friends, and she is entirely right. I couldn't have gotten through this week without my friends. And I'm so glad this week was the busiest at work. It's nice to be distracted. Working in publishing really does have it's perks.

Anyway, wishing everyone a nice Thursday night and hoping you've got nice weekends planned.

Love WTP x

P.S. For Jennifer Lauren - the Canterbury Love Vintage Fair is on in April 16th -18th and again in October. $12 entry for one day, or $20 for two. It's basically some fantastic vintage dealers all under one roof. I bought some lovely stuff last year. They also have fashion parades, demonstrations etc. If you would like to come with me, you're more than welcome :)

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