Friday, April 16, 2010

Did I get it right this time?

Remember this skirt?

Yeah, I loved it most awesomely when I laid eyes on it on Allen Company Inc. It arrived awhile back, and well, it’s too small! I tried to wear it for a day and felt so uncomfortable and fidgety as it dug into me that I just sighed in exasperation and put it in the pile of, ‘Oh well.’

Of course, not to let it go to waste, Astin Kirby managed to weasel it out of my possession and is now loving it like it deserves. Yay for happy endings!

But then I went back to asking, ‘Well, where shall I find a floral mini-skirt?’

Then I saw this skirt on Dear Golden Vintage:

Is it love? Could it be? The blue, the copper! Well, we’ll see won’t we?

As a side note, yay for my first sale on Etsy! :) New stuff goes up tomorrow – oh yes, oh yes! Plenty of pretty pastels! I’ve been a bit delayed due to feeling very unwell lately. And yes, an outfit post with a little extra icing on top is coming soon *winkwink*

Love WTP x


Sam said...

Oh dear - I hate it when I buy something and then it's wrong for one reason or another! But it sounds like you saved that pretty skirt from oblivian! Mini skirt is cute as - I bet it looks wonderful on!

Hope you're feeling better - there are a lot of colds going round aren't there?

LN said...

welll...if this new floral miniskirt doesn't fit, i'll take it :P

E. Driscoll said...

To Sam: Oh unfortunately I wish it were a cold! The tummy bug that's been going around struck me! But yes, fingers crossed for my new skirt!

LN: lol You're welcome to it.... if it doesn't fit. Though I dare say it'd be too big on you my dear!

lauren said...

ha! guess what is so ironic? i also own the top skirt. it was longer and i also cut & hemmed it. i wore that sweet skirt all last autumn! kooky huh?

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