Saturday, June 19, 2010

A cold, chocolates and a cuppa

I’ve been so busy this week – four day weeks are like that, aren’t they? Suddenly you have to do everything you normally do, but with less time to do it. Almost doesn’t make that extra day off worth it. Almost.

Just thought I’d share a piccie . You see, something so lovely happened to me yesterday that I can’t stop smiling. My darling best friend had some lovely chocolates delivered to me at work. So sweet. It even had a Where The Wild Things Are card to accompany. Gosh it is lovely to be loved.

So signing out, with my cold, fragrant Earl Grey tea in my T2 oversized mug (a steal at $22!), my favorite cook book A Second Helping: More from Ladies, a Plate and delicious Bon Bon Fine Chocolates. Yum!

Love WTP x


Usedandabusedvintage said...

How lovely of her to send you chocolates! They look gorgeous too! Corinne

LN said...

yay for T2!

Louise said...

I felt the same way this week. Too much work!
Hey, can you send me the details for the editor at Studio Bride so I can send her my wedding pics? Thanks lovely.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Aw, yay for surprise choccies when you need them :)

Hope you are doing better :)

Sam said...

That would have to be the nicest thing to get when at work - a box of delux choccies from a dear friend! Hang on to her!! :0)

So sorry to hear you've got a cold - hope it passes soon!

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