Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Queen's Birthday: Part 2

Hi - I'm back and feeling as drained as ever. Unfortunately this cold hates me. It's really quite unfortunate when you have to answer the phone at work with a throat lozenge banging against your teeth. Anyway, I figured I would just finish off my little tour of Canberra for you.

Aside from crunching around in fallen leaves and hanging out with swans and ducks by the lake in Canberra, Astin and I also visited the National Art Gallery. We got there a little too early so we wandered about the Sculpture Garden first. The artworks in the garden are amazingly untouched by graffiti despite being in a public area. It amazes me sincerely as if it were Sydney these pieces would have tags on them from ‘artistic’ young residents.

Anyway, we wandered the garden, through the frost, and admired the pieces. Good, good fun!

The frost was quite hilarious on Monday morning – the bird bath next to the breakfast room at our hotel was frozen over! Mm – the buffet breakfast. I’m salivating about those creamy scrambled eggs, hash browns, poached eggs, herb coated grilled tomatoes and bacon at this very moment.

We really enjoyed browsing the works in the gallery – so many beautiful pieces to see. I loved seeing some of the Australian art pieces – we really do have some talented artists within our ranks. And of course seeing Picasso, Salvador Dali and Monet. Astin was delighted to stumble across two artworks she had used as inspiration in her drama major works back in high school and had never realised were in our National Gallery.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with anymore holiday snaps and go back to normal programming shortly ;)

Love WTP x

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Sam said...

Oh! Makes me want to go down and visit!! Not now though - I think it would be unbearably cold at the moment!!!

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