Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer and Winter

i. 60s blue bedjacket - Sherbatone
ii. 50s Wonderland Dress - Revolving Styles
iii. 60s beaded set - Vintage Fabulous
iv. 50s dress and jacket set - Catbooks1940s
v. 50s wiggle and bustle lace dress - Cheep Vintage

I can’t wait to start wearing these! Where have you gone summer? Remember when I was begging for the winter? I find it ironic I am craving the summer.... to wear blue. I have noticed lately a lean towards blue. This seems to happen. I rebelled from blue all through my teens due to an over-indulgence as a child. Some things can’t be helped however.

Love WTP x

P.S. I promise a few outfit posts soon – I seem to neglect my camera a fair bit….


Louise said...

That last dress is lovely.

Sam said...

Oh my goodness! That little blue top (the first) is utterly charming - actually they are all gorgeous - the dress is heaven - no wonder you can's wait for summer!

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