Wednesday, April 4, 2012

House Keeping

Wearing: A fabulous 40s velvet jacket from Dear Golden Vintage and a 30s simulated chrysoprase necklace. 

Yes. This is one of those posts. The ‘Hey guys, let’s talk about what's happening with life' because things are certainly changing at my end. But don't worry for even a second, I'm not going anywhere :)

At the moment, I am quite literally ‘house keeping’. I’m in the process of cleaning out, making more than a few trips to Vinnies, selling clothes and jewellery to private buyers and on ebay, and putting up with the never ending chaos of repainting my house. The re-paint in itself has called for me to contemplate moving everything I own in order to paint. A not inconsiderable job when you consider that I have more stuff than the average person. 

"So what's the go then?" You ask me.

It's been taking up some major space in my spare room, and I don't have to time to photograph, measure, wash/dry clean, repair etc clothing items on a regular basis. So the store is still going to be around, but I'm only going to be listing accessories - think scarves, hats, belts, gloves, jewellery. This will save me a lot of space, and make my store more streamlined. The store will be reopening later this month , once I have gone through and decided carefully on what I’ll be stocking. As a warning, some things that were in the store before will be gone, sold off privately. So if they're was something you wanted, you best hit up the Contact page. 

You might've noticed the new tabs at the top of the page. I've basically decided to start giving the blog a little dust over and shine up while I'm doing all this overhaul too. There's a link for tutorials which you might find handy if you want some hair styles to do, and I'll be updating that regularly.  I've also decided to start structuring my updates. I think this make my time much easier to manage, and give you an idea of when you’ll be seeing things.  So, you'll get one outfit post a week, a hair tutorial every second Thursday and then all the other goodies in between, whether video, new purchases, etc.  Check back in next Thursday for a Flapper do for long hair, I think you'll love it. 

As always, 
Love WTP x

P.S. A big happy friendly HELLO to all the new readers I've seen around here! It's great seeing some new faces in the comments. If you're a lurker but not a commenter, please say hello. I don't bite. Promise. 


alexis said...

Hello :) can i get your ebay shop's url or something?


Wild Tea Party said...

Hi Alexis,

There's nothing in my ebay shop atm at the moment, but when I'm listing my vintage on ebay I'll be sure to let people know via twitter.


Teresa said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Sometimes a bit of reorganisation helps us find what we need and it sounds like you're on your way.

Looking forward to seeing your tutorial posts. :D

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