Friday, February 27, 2015

Behind the scenes

Sometimes, when you're a fashion-related kind of blogger, people think you live a beautiful, effortless life. HAHA! Let's just say at the moment I cringe every time I look at the floordrobe accumulating near my actual wardrobe because I got half way through sorting it and gave up, I have some epic chin acne going on, and a laptop that won't upload the default Word templates. Of course. 

Oh yeah, and then there's that whole working to get big time fake-o Mei Mei Fashion Blog removed, a total copy of my actual blog. If you are reading this there, close the page. Come see the real content at

The funniest thing perhaps is how often people think I just 'whip a post up' in between brushing my teeth and applying my moisturiser. I don't. In fact, I gave two friends a nice little run down of how a typical post comes together.... 

6am: Roll out of bed, make tea.
6.15am: Stare at pre-planned outfit that took me an hour sometime that week to devise (because I pre-plan everything I wear). Decide I hate it and my body and everything. Sip tea. 
6.30am: Run bath, sink into the bubbles. Scrub my body with sugar scrub. Get out. Put on outfit I hated half an hour ago. Decide I like it after all, once I switch the accessories. 
7am: Remember I left tea in bedroom. Reboil kettle and scoff Weetbix.
7.15am: Throw ALL the make up on my face.
7.45am: Try to do some hair style. 
8.15am: Decide I can’t. Start doing victory rolls and a bun.
8.45am: Remember I boiled the kettle and forgot to make more tea. Make tea.
9am: Gas myself with hairspray in between tea sips. Wonder if the hairspray is settling into my teacup and if inadvertently I am poisoning myself.
9.15am: Take selfie on phone. Realise it’s been three hours since I got up and I have only taken a selfie.
9.30am: Set up tripod. Dog tries to ram into it. Tell dog off. She runs away. Work out lighting and best location in my yard.
9.45am: Take a series of blown out shots despite best efforts because everything is damned green in my garden.
10am: Find good spot, take photos, all of which dog runs through and I can see her bum. Take dog inside.
10.15am: Repeat, without dog bum. Cloud cover has vanished, now a searing hot spot of squinty eyes.
10.30am: Trudge back inside with tripod. Get funny looks from house inhabitants.
11am: Arrive at local park, repeat process under the cover of pine trees. Get random dog walkers and families staring at me.
11.30am: Arrive home, realise all of the shots are blurry once they’re on the screen.
12am: Make lunch. Decide to try again around 4pm.

I hope you enjoy these dog-ran-through-shot out takes!

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Harlow Darling said...

Loved your honest and candid blog photo routine run down! Because I'm lazy I try to work in taking blog photos when I'm already going to be out and doing something, but there are also days when I set aside a morning to take blog photos. For me its a little like this:

6am: Wake up and lie in bed trying to figure out what outfit to take photos of and where.
6.20: Get out of bed and look at what the clouds are doing to try to decide on a location (since there are certain locations I prefer on cloudy days and vice versa)
6.30 Wash face, moisturize and quickly put on the smallest amount of the most simple makeup (there is a reason I always have he same boring makeup, because I'm always in a rush!)
6.40 Sit in front of my wardrobe staring mindlessly pulling out different outfits and trying to decide. I still have no idea where I want to take the photos.
7.00 Decide I hate all of the areas near me where I take photos and that nothing works for the outfit I want to wear. Have a big whinge about how I want to move to Sydney which is so much more beautiful with great spots for photos, unlike Brisbane which is boring.
7.30 Finally decide on an outfit and the location for the photos (reluctantly).
7.35 Quickly pull out all of the bobby pins in my hair and unravel the pincurls, brush, spray.
7.40 Realize I hate all my shoes. Try on 10 pairs of shoes and ask Hugh which pair he thinks goes with what I'm wearing most - because he really cares about fashun and all, not!
7.50 Get in car and drive to location. Drink a huge can of Mother energy drink on the to wake up.
8.20 Get to the location I want to take photos only to realize there is construction work going on in the spot. I cannot say how often this has happened to me!
8.40 Find a new spot, which isn't the spot I wanted but it will do...take as many photos as possible really quickly before any people see me.
9.00 Hate all of the photos and despair and decide to forget about it.

3 days later I really want to do a post so I look through all of the photos of me squinting at the camera, half of which are out of focus or the camera angles are skewed. Eventually pick 4 or 5 photos that are *okay* and repeat this process all over again in a week.

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