Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sick days

I hate being sick. I hate, hate, hate it. It's so blerg and boring and uncomfortable. And I've been so sick lately I went over a week without washing my hair, no make up, just the basic 'get dressed if needs be'. I did wear heels though when I HAD to venture to the office, cause, duh, neon heels will distract people from my sick face and less than clean hair.  The one time I ventured out without make up or heels was to the pharmacy, only I somehow also ended up at the garden centre cause my driver wanted to buy a garden bench before they shut and it was on the way (cheers Dad!). Sorry to everyone who had to see my pimply chin. 

I managed to wash my hair on the weekend and sit around in my vintage 50s nightie and 60s bed robe that belonged to my mother when she young reading Vogue, drinking tea, painting my nails, and ran two IG sales. Thank god I'd pre-shot everything a few weeks back! It was exhausting just measuring and listing. More to come soon... 

Don't worry, I'm on the mend now. Soon it will all be clear skin (or concealer), clean hair and smiles coming your way.

Love WTP x 

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