Friday, February 20, 2015

Retro Ponytail

As promised, a new hair tute! This is a great ponytail look for those of you who have a second day hair set in or just curled the ends of your hair and wanted to show it off to best effect. 

What you'll need: 
Long hair
A plastic elastic
Bobby pins
Brush or comb 
Hair spray

Start by sectioning off the front of your hair from either side of the part. 
Take the back section and twist it up to create a ponytail. Stick some pins into the twist.
For extra security, attach two bobbypins to a plastic hair tie. Pin one pin on one side of the top of the hair twist, then pull the elastic across and pin the other pin in to your twist, securing it. 
NOTE: If your hair isn't as long as mine, you can just do a ponytail with a clear elastic. 

So, now you have a nice curly ponytail, yay!
Take the thinner section of hair and back comb it. Sexy huh?
Pull it up and over your head, letting the end fall on the opposite side of your faux pony and bobbypin in place. 
Split the remaining section in hair, then repeat with the other side, backcombing and then pulling over, pinning the hair to the other side of the ponytail. 

Now you should just have a section at the middle front of your head to work with. Start 'waving' it across the head neatly, covering the part lines and working with the natural curl. If your hair is long and you've finished waving, tuck the end under the existing ponytail.

Spray the sides neat with your trusty hair spray of preference and brush through the curls to tidy them like you would brush out a pin curl set, against your hand!

And there you go, a fun retro style ponytail! If you want to dress it up you could also add hair flowers to the top of the ponytail. 

Let me know if you give this a go!

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