Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why is ok enough?

One of the things as I do battle with the mental health beast I keep hearing is 'Don't strive for happiness. It's transient, it's not real. Strive for ok.'

Man, oh man. I'm sooo not down with that as a message. 

There is nothing wrong with striving for happiness, and in fact, why the hell shouldn't we all want it? Why don't we deserve to build a life that makes us happy and bring all kinds of joy to the party? Sure, bad stuff happens, we have ups and downs and there are things outside of our control. I know that's reality. But why can't we have a happy metaphorical house, where those things come to visit for awhile, but the house still stands, and when they leave there's still walls of happiness there? Life is too short and too long for just ok. I don't want to look back on my life and regret that all I ever got from my youth onwards was 'ill' and 'ok'. 

I think this 'ok' idea has come from the way we live - modern life is not how humans were intended to live, we are so far from our roots, and the stress we put ourselves through is immense. So 'ok' really starts to sound reasonable. But me? Well, I'm not having it. I'm just plain not. 

Right now, I'm ill, so sure, ok would be a nice start, but I'm not going to stop with ok. Ok sounds really bloody mediocre, and I definitely don't want that either. I want joy, sensuality, laughter, travel, creativity, freedom, technicolor fantasy realities, and doing only the things I love. Because, why not? Why can't life be a work of art, full of your wildest, darkest, deepest fantasies? Why not create a life to live them in? 

And as a side note, I'm obsessed with balloon sleeves on 60s robes, and missed out on this identical robe on etsy, so I stalked obsessively until I snagged one on eBay with it's matching nightie. This is exactly the kind of fantasy garment I want to wear and as I'm working on more Pilates and yoga, and having a better diet, and saying nice things to my body in the mirror, I'm starting to feel more vampy and sexy and confident in myself.  I wanted to shoot this post in square format, which I think worked well for tight shots of this robe, and to enjoy my hair and make up from my latest Daisy Jean Florals shoot - keep an eye out for the new pics on the website! 

1960s Van Raalte robe via eBay, What Katie Did strapless bra and girdle, fishnet stockings, Wittner Luscious heels, thrifted rhinestone jewelry, MUAH Dianne Murphy. 


Harlow Darling said...

These self portraits are magnificent Ellen, you are a total vixen in this fab 60s set. You deserve more than just 'okay'.

Tanith said...


I think there is value in appreciating ok for what it is, especially when you haven't been ok for a while. But I would never stop at OK either. Go for fabulous.

If you can feel as fabulous as you look, you'll be doing very well ;)

Bonita Vear said...

I want to echo everything Tanith said, because I feel she said it as perfectly as it can be said. Don't stop for okay ~ go for your happiness, whatever and wherever that may be!

Also, I can see why you love those balloon sleeves, they really are amazing aren't they!? ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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